Boyd Food Machinery is a major supplier of used, reconditioned, refurbished and rebuilt food machinery to the bakery and confectionery industry on an international scale.

Bakery Machinery
Dough Line
Bakery Machinery

High levels of automation within a bakery provide a flexibility of production essential for constantly evolving to satisfy high volumes exacted by today's retailers.

Boyd Food Machinery are specialists in supplying secondhand bakery equipment to the commercial baker, providing nearly new, excellent quality bakery machines at a fraction of the cost of new plant and equipment.

Our extensive stock of used bakery machinery includes brand names associated with quality bakery equipment such as Rademaker, Multibake, Rondo, Compass, Hobart, Crypto, APV Baker, Foster, Delta, Revent, Benier, Morton, Esmach, Koenig, Mono, Bell Perkins, Belshaw, Oddy, Bertrand, Carrington, Rose Forgrove, Skerman, Eillert, Safeline, Polin, Tom Chandley, Dodge, Tromp, Bear, Artofex, Daub, Record, Jacob White, Freemantle, Klixlok, Bradlock, Bradman Lake, Trimcote, Pita Bread, Naan bread, pizza, pie lines and tart machines, and biscuit making equipment.

We have a huge stock of pre owned industrial bakery machinery ranging from the largest pieces of bakery equipment such as a flour silo or continuous oven to a 20 quart mixer.

Bakery machinery specifically designed for working with dough such as a dough refiner, dough sheeter, French stick moulder, doughnut fryer, cake line, egg sprayer, egg wash machine, flour breaders, flour dusters or a continuous pastry laminator, pastry lapping system for working with pastry, bagel equipment, cake slicers, cookie production machines, extruder, silo for flow or sugar, croissant machines.

Other well know bakery machine manufacturers we often have in stock are Raque, Sasib, Diosna, Fritsch, Mateline, John Hunt, Newsmith, Rijkaart, Guy, Spooner Vicars, Rademaker, Werner & Pfleiderer, Apple, DCA, Kemper, Konig, Scobie, Glimek, Standeven, Fortuna, Williams, Thurne, Back-Tech, Acrivarn, Arcall, Sottoriva, Sancassiano, Escher, Vanguard and Pierto Berto, Belshaw, Rheon, V-mag, Vemag, Handtmann, Peerless, Unifiller, Bruton, Comas, Dexmore, Scobie, Becketts, and Moline.

Second hand bakery plant, 'as is', rebuilt or refurbished bakery equipment, from proovers to pie lines, is available from Boyd Food Machinery, Europe's most reliable supplier of used food machinery.

Bakery Equipment

From dough presses to a complete bread plant or roll plant. donut fryers, fillers, depositors, tortilla machinery, dusters, sugarers, pizza and tart lines, pie presses, bagel equipment, dividers, moulders, provers, vens, bun divider, roll plants. The list is endless.


Various dough mixers available: planetary mixers, spiral mixers, high speed mixers, whisk, horizontal mixers, bowl lifts, pie dough mixers.

Cooking & Ovens

Full range of industrial bakery ovens including rack ovens, deck ovens, convection, kettles, proofers, oven racks, continous bakery oven, rotative gas oven, tunnel ovens, Double D ovens including proovers and retarders.


Dough sheeters, dough divider, dough rounder, cutters, pastry roller, dough laminator, dough formers, moulders, egg glazers, conical rounders, glazers and glazing machines.


L Sealers, flow wrappers, flow packers, flow wraps, thermoformers, tray sealers, stretch wrappers, carton erectors, box gluers, cartoners, vertical form fill and seal machines, baggers, multi-head weigher.

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